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operatic performance, CHB - Balassi Institut, Berlin


The Loser (version 1)

Operatic performance, 40', CHB - Balassi Institut, Berlin, 2012

Delivered by: Christian Bormann, Jardena Flückiger, Tobias Müller-Kopp, Kristin Schulze and the Jazzchor Berlin Vokal - led by Michael Betzner Brandt

The first version of the piece took place on an open stage, easy to roam for the public as well. In this case the venue was the vacated conference room of CHB. Via the large windows of the hall, the panorama of Berlin was the real set of the live and lifelike piece.

Two confessions were sung, performed by the four soloists and completed with self-introductions by the choir. The lyrics of the songs are comprised by self-analysing and confessional monologues of fallen leaders, shortened and rhythmical rewrites of their confessions. A politician and a banker give their testimonies: the direction of their fascinations differs, but the initial enthusiasm, the feeling of devotion, the experience of struggle and power, the ignorance of responsibility, the faith in ideologies and its gradual loss, the degeneration and downfall are all similar factors. It is not the confrontation of different ideologies, but their self-contradictions and the contrast of individual and collective responsibility that are put to the test on the stage.


  • You did it out of enthusiasm.

  • It is hard to be enthusiastic in the world of numbers, especially in the domains below zero.

  • You were daydreaming.

  • I imagine myself in the limelight instead of the office.

  • You gave statements.

  • The reactions to my statements fill the news, the press is helping me.

  • You enjoyed the authority.

  • In an authoritarian society you can feel truly good on the top.

  • You understood simple people.

  • I understand the anger of simple people.

  • You projected self-confidence.

  • The insecurity of citizens should be channeled well.

(detail from the libretto "The Loser / Settling the score 2" written by Hajnal Németh)


  • I am transparent.

  • He (She) is transparent.

  • I am systematic.

  • He (She) is systematic.

  • I am dependent.

  • He (She) is dependent.

  • I am identical with another.

  • He (She) is identical with another.

  • I am the majority.

  • He (She) is the majority.

  • I am the minority.

  • He (She) is the minority.

  • I am a traitor.

  • He (She) is a traitor.

  • I judge.

  • He (She) judges.

  • They pass judgement on me.

  • They pass judgement on him (her).

(detail from the libretto "The Loser / Introduction 2" written by Hajnal Németh)

View: CHB - Balassi Institut, Berlin, 2012

Photo: Jan-Gunnar Franke